We are Team Three. Formed as part of ThinkArk‘s Play:DO hack week.

There are three of us:

Kevin Moss – creative director of Make&See who create branded digital content & experiences. His cross platform stories have been shortlisted at MipTV and Power to the Pixel and won the Media Festival, Channel 4 Digital Art Prize.

John Collingswood – one half of TaikaBox, a Cardiff-based company specialising in the integration of dance and digital media.

Ben Hyde – creative trainer at Dynamix (a workers cooperative) that focuses on participation, children’s rights, equality, play and much more. He is also a facilitator at Circus Eruption, the UK’s biggest integrated youth circus that uses circus as way of breaking down barriers and stereotypes between young people of all abilities and backgrounds.

We have had just about 3 days to create a project together. This is what we’ve made. The focus of everything is an installation as part of the playARK Games Day (Saturday 2nd November) where you’ll be able to create large vines like these:

But we hope you’ll get involved too

The aim of play:DO Hack week is to create a playful and socially aware experience that utilises creative technology.

We want to create something that focused on community over society. Basically we wanted to connect people.

Ben summed it up best…

What is play dance?

One world.
7 billion people.
7 billion dances.
Infinite possibilities.
In a society that is more and more connected it seems that communities are more and more fractured. Its amazing that we can connect with people globally through shared interests, values, beliefs and likes. But if we only ever connect with like minded clones of ourselves then we are denying ourselves opportunities to grow and create because we will never be challenged, we will never be forced to view things from any other perspective than our own. Through collaboration and interactions with as many people as possible we can create new and exciting connections that will take us to who knows where.
We hope PlayDance will remind us that a diverse community with diverse interests, values, beliefs, stories, experiences (and dances) can help us work together and reclaim community from society.

Now what?

The question no doubt you are now asking your self is “How can I get involved?” Easy.

Favourite Vines