Make a PlayDance

We wanted to make PlayDance something everyone can take part in.

We all dance…

It’s time to get you Vine on…

Making a PlayDance is easy.

1. Make a VINE of you dancing, either from the waist up or waist down.

2. Tweet your Playdance vine with the hashtag #PlayDanceBody or #PlayDanceLegs

3. We can find them and will upload them here.

4. Or make your own and blog or tumblr them. Just use the Vine embed code.

#TIP: We recommend you use the grid in vine and line your waist in the centre 1/3. Everything lines up then.

In the near future we hope to have some fun tools, follow us on twitter @letsplaydance so we can let you know when they are ready.

For now…

Need some bodies, try these:

Need some legs, try these:


Of course if your REALLY clever you could make one of these. A mobile bump…
A vine of a vine:

Favourite Vines